Sana Elvis


Sana Elvis A.D. had operated as part of the holding "Sana" Novi Grad until the 1991 and employed about 3,000 workers. Sana had directed its capacities towards the market of the EX Yugoslavia and Europe.
We can say that Sana Elvis A.D. grew out of Holding "Sana" Novi Grad. After decades of business experience and a long tradition we have achieved that Sana Elvis is a synonym for a domestic product.

In the field of manufacture we recorded a constant growth with a constant expansion of supply and the conquest of new markets. Conditions for the employment of new workers are created with the increase in manufacturing,. It is important to mention that Sana Elvis A.D. registered for activities that include the manufacturing and sale of UNDERWEAR and our manufacturing is organized in two directions- manufacturing in the form of "lohn" service and full product for the European and domestic market.



Our mission

Manufacturing and sale of high-quality products in the field of intimate underwear, nightwear, T-shirts, tracksuits, dresses and more all according to defined quality standards of the European market. We want to create our own line from natural materials and the finest cotton, so we carefully choose them during creating collections for adults and our youngest.


There is a large selection of models from the men's, women's and children's program in our offer and we design products in accordance with fashion trends. The products from the sleeping program will enable a pleasant rest and sleep and as the good products as they are they represent the right choice for you and your family.

100% Cotton

We choose our raw material composition with the aim of effective body protection and easy maintenance of our products for a very long time. Our offer is intended for different types of consumers in aim to feel as comfortable as possible through their own lifestyles. Our advantage is that we don’t offer only models in the usual sizes, we also offer models in larger sizes.

All products are made of proven quality material that is part of the long business tradition of the company "Sana-Elvis" AD.

We are a company that is constantly developing new methods to improve business performance in order to maintain and achieve a more significant position in domestic and foreign markets.

Locations of sales facilities


We want to give everybody the opportunity to feel the comfort and quality of our products, so we invite you to visit us in our retail business units located in these cities Prijedor, Novi Grad, Banja Luka, Gradiška, Zenica, Tuzla and Bijeljina. You can see the locations with the exact addresses in the view below.



We offer a very wide range of products at very reasonable prices in the domain of:
- intimate underwear (men's, women's and children's),
- sleeping program (men's, women's and children's) and
- supplementary program (T-shirts, dresses, tracksuits, etc.).

We have so many years of experience and tradition that is now also a mark of cooperation with our business partners in the domestic and foreign markets.

We can present our offer like
- sale of finished products from our product range for domestic and foreign markets
- services of preparation, tailoring, sewing and packaging of products

Our wholesale warehouse is the part of our company and you can find us at this adress:
Svodna bb, 79229 Svodna, Novi Grad.



Director: Mira Lazić


Svodna bb, 79229 Svodna, Novi Grad.